Wolfeland Blog
Issue 3

April 28, 2006

IRL golfer, check out this guy's blog.

Issue 2

April 19, 2006

Main Entry: 1di•vorce

Main Entry: 1di·vorce
d&-'vOrs, -'vors also dI-
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English divorse, from Middle French, from Latin divortium, from divertere, divortere to divert, to leave one's husband
1 : the action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage











Main Entry: sep·a·ra·tion
Pronunciation: "se-p&-'rA-sh&n
Function: noun
1 : the act or process of separating : the state of being separated
2 a : a point, line, or means of division b : an intervening space : GAP
3 a : cessation of cohabitation between a married couple by mutual agreement or judicial decree b : termination of a contractual relationship (as military service)


Did you hear that Brad Pitt divorced Jennifer Anniston? How about Lisa Presley divorcing Michael Jackson? What still no big deal? Then why on earth did everyone here get their panties so twisted last Sunday when Roger and Warren called an end to their relationship!?


I see it as because it hit so close to home. Did you feel betrayed because you thought you had lost your home away from home? Was it because you thought one of your friends did the unthinkable to another one of your friends? Were you like me and blame the person taking the football without even to stop and think they had a valid reason? I admit it; I’m guilty as charged to all of the above.


We all know how ugly a divorce can be. The first thing you do is to choose sides. Do I choose my Dad because he has all the money? Do I choose Mom because she lets me do what ever I want to do? I think many of us were quick to do this, mostly siding with Warren because it was Roger that left.


A few of us got down right down nasty before Roger’s reasons were known to us. Things were said like and I quote Kyle Philips “Nice F****** hostile take over that Roger implemented, huh.


Bruce Wallace never short on words had plenty to say “Roger won't agree with what I am going to say to you, but I sure don't give a s*** what he thinks. What has happened here is, Roger wants to start his own site, all by himself. That is fine, but what isn't fine is, he stuck Warren in the back with a knife.


Even Mike Murphy a guy that hasn’t played since I can’t remember had this to say “The only thing that surprises me about what just happened is that it didn't happen a lot sooner. One of the main reasons I did not play here is I doubted it was going to last very long. I have the greatest respect for Warren and so did not post a lot of things I otherwise would have, and didn't want to take away from the fun anyone was having playing here.

Not so long ago, I thought Roger was a Lawyer. I was mistaken, he is not, but is the next closest thing it appears....


Boy oh boy were the natives restless. UNTIL, Roger presented his case. (Only after Denny begged and pleaded with him to do so) Roger was hesitant to do so because he didn’t want to hurt Warren’s feelings anymore then he already did by leaving. But to please us, the members, he relented and did so. I for one am glad he did. I read his reasons with an open mind and could very easily see why he had to go out on his own. I hate to see an end come to Golfconn, but in no way, shape, or form, can I blame Roger for making his decision. I am sure if I were in his shoes I would have had to do the same thing. By the looks of the posting on the web board and the links playing going on now I really think many others here feel the same way.


I quote Dan DeShaney After reading Rogers Mission novel, I understand why he did what he did.


Even GrandpaBruce has softened up a little bit on his stance……..bahahahahahaha!!!!!I too, still have to reflect on it more, before I make a final decision on my membership in this community”


And even Mike Murphy… ok he hasn’t been heard from since so my bad. L




I guess there still is one selfish thing I / WE can blame Roger for and that is that he should have had better timing and made some kind of statement to the members before leaving. Did he have to? Probably not, but I think if he did we all wouldn’t have been two steps from jumping off a cliff and in such a need of an enormous group hug. But then again if you remember the Golfconn site went down because of renewal problems. Some think Roger took advantage of this, I think Roger did it at this time so that the members could keep playing instead of waiting on Golfconn to come back up. Once everything was set on his site, why go back? I admit this is all speculation on my part and not Rogers words so he indeed could/should share in the blame on all of the confusion that has panicked the members.

[Rogg note: Hindsight is golden. Here we are, 10 days later. Suppose the TGC site was still down now? The best word I had from Warren late April 9 as to when the TGC server would be back online was "I dont know."]


The bottom line is breakups do occur everyday for one thing or another. Deal with it the best you can and move on.


So where do we go from here? The way I see it, if you want to continue to play Links with your buddies you play here at the Golf Cabal that now has a secure launcher to where the scores you see are the scores that are played, 1 time per round!


We are all adults, we don’t have to act like little children choosing sides and saying things like your momma wears army boots or your daddy is from Broke Back Mountain…………..bahahahahaha!!!!


Let’s get a fresh start here at The Golf Cabal and enjoy each others company, golfing, and posting.


About that group hug, I think Warren should be included!!! Warren has been a part of this group since dirt was dust. He gave us a home to play at when we needed and shouldn’t be kicked to the curb. I’m sure Warren’s feelings are hurt and probably feeling pretty low right about now. Could all of you perhaps send him an email or a post inviting him to our group hug and let him know that we still want to play Links along side of him? Warren, you worked hard at your site for us for a long time. It is now your turn to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor by just playing golf with your friends.

[Rogg note: This Monday morning, April 17, I emailed Warren and told him he had been given a lifetime membership to GolfCabal, in honor of his single-handed role in saving Golfcom by having the foresight and doing the planning and advance work necessary to provide a site when Golfcom suddenly vanished. He is understandably hurt over what has transpired, but he is always welcome here. You know, I hate Bill Gates but I use his Windows. There is more at play here than the monkey who cranks the organ (me)...there is a community of long standing. If if would make anyone feel less disloyal to Warren to participate here, they could include in their web board signature the words "I hate Roger!", and I would honor their feelings by not responding to their messages. "A city may be moved, but not a well."]


--- Gary Taylor

Issue 1

April 10, 2006

>> Kinda wacko, maybe.
>> I just want to record a prediction, that Couples and Woods will be in
>> a playoff at the end of 18 today.
> I just got home from up north and am parking in front of the
> telly right now. Based on what I just saw, Fred and Phil will
> be feeding off each other and will be in a playoff.

Good predictions, but all wrong, obviously.
Here are some observations:

- this event proves once again that majors are not won by one, they are lost
by others. Pick your poison:

- the countless missed putts by Woods and Couples

- the missed opportunities by Timmy Clark, who, by virtue of the
improbable holing of that shot on 18 made himself an assload more money and
the 2nd place all alone, that coupled with an MVP-like 3rd in the 2003 PGA
will hopefully propel him to a major, soon

- Rocco's untimely demise

- Vijay's ineptitude down the stretch

- Retief's overall inability to score

- JMO's inability to post a score high enough to scare the leaders

It was set up for a storybook ending, but for whom? Anyone but Tiger or
Vijay would have fit the mold. So fate chose Mickelson. I had no idea until
they said it that he had a bogey-free round going until that last hole, when
he splashed around for a bogey. I guess it was so pedestrian I didn't notice
- routine pars, a birdie here or there. Like Couples in the morning, the
reason Phil's round was unremarkable was precisely for his lack of a
remarkable blowup. Plus when they were on the 7th hole, prior to both of
their birdies, the list of people within a stroke was about seven long.

At that time, I thought it was Miguel Angel Jimeneth, the Spaniard, who may
emerge from the pack. He had the Ryder Cup credentials, big wins overseas,
and a clever "I'd rather be drinking sangria" swagger about him that looked
like a winner. But he dove hard on 10 and continued his ponytailed plummet
for the rest of the round. Funny, when it comes to TV telecasts, the minute
you're not Tiger and out of the running, it's like you've been inducted into
the Witness Protection Program. You won't be seen for the rest of the
program, unless it's in the background, and will not be spoken about again,
punishable by death. Seriously - after the Mediate debacle on 12, I don't
think his name was uttered a single time more.

It's like in 1986, there were a couple of groups in between Jack Nicklaus
and Norman that never got any press. One had Gary Koch, the outstanding NBC
announcer, and another had Tom Watson and Tommy Nakajima. I mean, between
Nicklaus and Norman that day there were like THREE HOLES, but it was like
soft padding for packing...there were groups that I can't even remember
anymore even though I researched it at one time. They never, ever got any
airtime, because both participants were out of the running.

This is what makes the Kite-Ballesteros group that much more interesting.
They were the 3rd to last group and yet both hung around until the end, and
both participated in what I maintain is the strangest pair event in a major
- both holed out from the fairway on #8 for an eagle. Two balls in the cup.
Which allegedly precipitated Nicklaus, frustrated on the 9th green, to turn
around to the crowd and say "let's make some noise of our own", before
nailing a tough putt and playing -7 on those last ten holes.

But I digress, as usual. As hated as Mickelson is by his peers, I feel good
for him, and hope more are to come. I also want to mention the insanity of
players in the final pairing have won the last 15 years thing. That's a
longshot, to say the least. Nobody 1-2 shots out could have come back in
that time? One or both leaders couldn't have blown up? I consider that stat
a serious outlier.

--- Tucker