Download the "Final" 2006 Version of the Launcher. * UPGRADE VERSION * RLaunch763. RALPH is more reliable, AND he now automatically uploads your Saved Shots, SCORE.TXT, and GAMESTAT.TXT. Barring possible patches for spot problems, this will be our ongoing launcher for a long time. All previous launchers have reached end of life and can no longer be used.
Download the "Final" 2006 Version of the Launcher. * FULL Version, for new players * The server components of the Launcher-Leaderboard system will grow during coming weeks to fully exploit the new features of this launcher. Stats, handicaps, points, and Hall of Fame enhancements will soon appear, all fully supported by this launcher version. Please take your firewall down for your first round after installing this new launcher.
GolfCabal is peppered with small short video clips. In order to view them, download this MPG codec.
Download Desert Canyon. Hooters ASO Course for Week 22, PGA Week 34.
Download APCD Round 1 Course o' Week. Woburn - The Duke's - SE for APCD Round 1 Week 22.
Download APCD Round 2 Course o' Week. Myrtle Beach Golf Resort(South Course) for APCD Round 2 Week 22.
Download APCD Round 3 Course o' Week. Woodbridge (2003) for APCD Round 3 Week 22.
Download APCD Round 4 Course o' Week. Liberty South for APCD Round 4 Week 22.