To provide a system of play for online golfsims such as Links2003, such that: The user launches his rounds with a custom security agent that monitors his play so that all users can be confident that everybody is playing fairly and according to the same set of rules. The scores are quickly and automatically posted to an online leaderboard. The leaderboard is cycled periodically, and the results of tournaments are archived and available for viewing. Support will be prompt and energetic. The launcher component is provided to the player free of charge. There will be free services, and pay services. The relative levels of free and pay will be adjusted to produce the largest numbers of users empowered to play, consistent with covering operating and development costs.

On January 4, 2006, I wrote the following email to my wife, my parents, and my children. It was a manifesto.

"I've just had a realization, an enlightenment. An awakening... read more...

Why I stopped providing scorekeeping services to Warren Peters on April 9, 2006.
I wold prefer that nobody would read this document, but if you must, click here.